Geoff Metcalf calls himself an a typical conservative. His American roots go deep his ancestors settled in New England in the 1600s, and he is a ninth generation commissioned officer in the U.S. Armed Services and a former Green Beret. He is a retired USAR LTC and has commanded a Special Forces Operational Detachment, and a Military Police Company in addition to various staff positions. Metcalf brings his passionate connection to hundreds of years of American evolution to his own revolutionary radio program.

"I'm more concerned with what's right and wrong on an issue-by-issue basis rather than with who s right or who's wrong," says Metcalf, who actively solicits views and opinions that don't necessarily agree with his own. "I believe that reasonable people can reasonably agree to disagree."

Informing as well as provoking and stimulating his listeners is what gets Metcalf's radio juices going. "I like to make them (the audience) aware of stories they would not normally find in the mainstream media. And I make a concerted effort to deliver up-to-date information on what is, or is not happening in the legislative process."

Chris Ruddy (founder, President of NewsMax) says, "Metcalf is a class act with a talent for exposing stories the mainstreams ignores or runs from. He is also one of the best interviewers in the business."

Metcalf has an extraordinarily eclectic professional background, with careers in radio, print journalism, advertising and consulting. He has had significant major market and syndication experience as a talk show host including 7 years on ABC O&O KSFO and 6 years in national syndication.

Metcalf is a published author of both fiction (The Terrorist Killers) and non-fiction (In The Arena). He was a columnist for the Sacramento Union and an editorial writer for the Evening Times in Rhode Island.

During 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' Geoff was a military pundit and appeared on numerous radio and television programs (Fox & Friends, Bob Grant on WOR, Lionel, G. Gordon Liddy, Al Rantel on KABC, Mancow, Al Malmberg, and several Canadian and European stations).

Currently he is a regular weekly columnist for several on line publications including NewsMax.    In addition to his prodigious writing and broadcasting assignments, he is an avid hunter, fisherman, black belt martial artists, literature and jazz buff. He is a recipient of the NRA Defender of Freedom Award, and numerous community awards. Geoff Metcalf has gone from Eagle Scout, to Renaissance man.